Upgraded FOG to 1.2.0 now problems start

  • I upgraded our FOG server to 1.2.0, it seemed to go well but when I login to FOG I can’t search for my host but if I list all host all of them appear. Also if I look at the general settings of a host none of the Host Menu links on the left work. Any help is appreciated!!


  • Developer

    what you’re seeing is actually a glitch that happens with some bios. the standard screen is blue and white. of the people who have reported the improper color issue, none of the systems have actually had any problems with functionality.

  • You guys are AWESOME!!! Thanks for all your help, I just imaged the first computer since the upgrade and it went very smooth because of your help. I do have a question about the image screen, it shows up bright orange and green is there any way to revert it back to the blue and gray that was easier on the eyes? not a big deal if I can’t just thought I would ask.


  • Developer

    operating system information has been moved from host profile to image profile. you will need to update your image profiles to tell them what OS they should be

  • Sorry, I did clear the cache this morning and that fixed the problem thank you for helping and for creating an awesome program. I am now trying to image my first computer since the upgrade but I am getting an error that says “Invalid operating system id (0) Computer will reboot in 1 minute”

  • Developer

    clear your browser cache

  • Senior Developer

    Clear your browser cache