Issue with Capone plug in

  • I’m running Fog in a test lab, considering switching to Fog for our imaging needs this summer. I’m currently running version 0.32, on ubuntu server 11.10. All functions seem to be working; uploading and deploying images, inventory and snapins. However, I have activated the capone plug in but can’t seem to get it working. I’ve tried two different model laptops, and a desktop and they all hang at looking up DMI field step.

    Any suggestions?


  • In my case I just upgraded to version 32 with the newest Kernel, and Capone does not even appear as an option on my PXE menu. I have disabled and reenabled plugins, recopied and pasted the Capone information, and reloaded the DMI information, but it still won’t come up. I am forced to assume that Capone does not work with version 32. Is there a newer version of Capone?

  • I don’t have anyproblem getting the DMI, and was able to add capone to PXEmenu too, but when I click on Capone in PXEMenu nothing happens.
    this might be the next challange you might face.

  • I have the same problem.
    I hope someone will post a solution soon.

    Thank you


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