FOG server: How to set the DHCP?

  • Hello, I installed a FOG server there 3 years in the hospital. It works perfectly, but it is not configured DHCP so with 066 and 067 options in Windows Sever 2012. But then, now that server has to come out of this network. Be in a DHCP LAN without internet connection. How to define DHCP without reinstalling it completely.

  • Developer

    It could be possible, I highly recommend running the installer so that when you are asked for your DHCP information you can supply your correct server.

    If you want to uninstall the dhcp server

    sudo apt-get remove dhcp3-server[/code]

    should remove it.

  • Developer

    What version of FOG is installed?

    What OS did you install FOG on?

    It should be fairly simple. Re-run the installer and when it asks to use FOG as a DHCP, type Y and continue on answering the questions.

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