Image on server / on client

  • Hey guys,

    I finally manage to create an image of one of my computers. But there’s something I don’t understand :


    What does that mean ?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Junkhacker,

    Thanks for your help !

  • Developer

    if everything is working properly, the resizable image type allows the image deploy task to scale the partitions to the size of the hard drive it is being deployed to. if there are circumstances where this isn’t what you want, then you can use non-resizeable.
    there are very few situations where my organization uses non-resizeable images, and they’re for unusual circumstances (for example, one of our images is a non-resizeable 60GB partition, and a script runs from within Windows the first time the computer is started up to create a new partition with any unused space left on the drive)

  • I’m sorry to answer you so late… Hard week-end !

    Er… That’s about what I thought (yes, I’m a liar)… Hmm… Does that mean the resizeable image is a better solution to choice ?
    According to you, what is the better way to use it and under which conditions ?
    (Of course you can tell me if I bother you, I was born to be annoying… 😄 )

    “Sincerely yours”

  • Developer

    the size “on client” is the minimum amount of hard drive space required to deploy the image. in this instance the image is a non-resizeable image, so this is the size of the original hard drive used to create the image. if this had been a resizeable image, it would be roughly equal to the amount of space of the image that is actually used to contain data.
    the size “on server” is the amount of storage space the image files are actually consuming on the server storage node.

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