Fog reboots when user is logged in. ???

  • Is there a setting somewhere to prevent Fog from rebooting a machine if there is a user currently logged in? I’ve looked and haven’t been able to find anything.


  • That is actually not enabled. I guess I should have specified rebooting when there is a task, like changing the host name, or something. The reason I ask is that I logged in to some of my lab machines today to install some software that couldn’t be deployed. The machines all rebooted within a few minutes of logging in. The local Fog log showed that Fog was attempting to join the machines to the domain, but they had all been imaged 2 days ago.

    Is it possible for a Fog task to get “stuck” in a queue? I read this thread: [url][/url] that seems to point in that direction. There have been many task false starts in the past week or two, where the task was cancelled before being completed.

    Where does the actual mysql db for Fog reside?

  • Senior Developer

    For now I’d say just globally disable the auto log out client feature?