• just a small thing , but could be helpful , mount the /images folder at initial fog setup stage. Y/n Question that is.


  • Senior Developer

    Why is an option needed? It’s assumed that /images (which you can change at install time) is the default location. At this point, it’s already assumed that the disk space and requirements are already available. I’m not going to try guessing what type of filesystem needs to be mounted, and I’m also not going to keep adding options to the installer simply because you think that’s just how it should be.

    Do you know what it would really entail to assume mounting of filesystems/disks during this phase? I know you think it’s something small, but our guesses are that it’s unrelated to mounting at all. If you have special configurations to take to get things working, you need to get them sorted out.

    Storage being one of those things.

  • locate it elsewhere or its default location . as long as an option to mount it is available , it will suffice.

  • Developer

    do you mean, an option during install to locate it elsewhere?