PLEASE let us see the old forums!

  • Is there any way to restore read-only access to the old forums?

    There is a huge amount of knowledge and troubleshooting captured there. I’m running in to some issues that I know were covered in the old forums. I keep finding links to the old forums that say they have the information I need… but it’s all gone.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Per Blackout:

    "Because google sent everyone to the old forum, many threads were being created there and going unanswered.

    If it was as easy as ‘change it to read only’, we would have done that already.

    Solution: Use Google’s cache."

  • Further point, IF there is a dump of the old forums host it up somewhere or torrent it. It might be a fun weekend project to practice regular expressions for someone.

  • A lot of us in educational establishments have things like google cache and other proxies blocked for good reason. it’s not a good alternative.

  • Try using Google cached websites, that’s what I have been doing.

  • There has been a bunch of people who want this, but so far no one has done any thing about it. I am not sure if they forms are still lthere some where, and we just don’t has access to it, or if it is totaly gone.
    It sounds like it is a giant pain to try to capture any information from the old forums, because it doesn’t have the formatting, so if you copy and past you loose all paragraphs and stuff like that, it is just a mess of text. That is even worse if there is any code you need.

    It would be cool if we could just download the old forum data. I don’t think it could be that big maybe a few GBs or something.

    I did find out that Google cache has some of the forums, you can grab if you want.