FOG1.2, OEM Partition, Optiplex360, blinking cursor

  • Hi.

    First, basic informations :
    FOG install log : [url][/url]
    OS Client : Windows 7 PRO
    Computer : Optiplex 360

    I have a download issue with Windows 7 PRO / Optiplex 360.
    At the start, i used a clonezilla image to restore the computer. It works like a charm.
    After that, i have updated the OS, softs ect …

    When the master was ready, i have try to upload it on the fog server : on the first partition, parclone say « This is not partclone image ».
    I try to enable « FOG_FORMAT_FLAG_IN_GUI » and select partimage but, same problem.

    After googled, i was able to delete the OEM partition with DISKPART ([url][/url]).

    After that, i re-upload the image on the FOG server and try a new download task : after the restore task, the OS can’t boot : not error message, just a blink cursor.
    I try to repair the mbr with different commands : (with the 7 dvd, reboot after a command)
    bootrec.exe /fixmbr
    bootrec.exe /rebuiltbcd
    bootsect /nt 60 SYS /mbr
    bootsect /nt 60 ALL
    and, it’s the same problem : a blinking cursor.
    I don’t want to recreate the master at 0 because i have several softs installed …

    What can i do ?

  • Developer

    The “This is not partclone image” error, so far as i know, only shows up on downloads, not uploads. are you sure you pressed the right button?
    You said you deleted the OEM partition. Is there a blank space were it was, or did you expand another partition into that space?

  • Partitions have good size :HDD : 80Gb

    • first : 100Mb (reserved to Win7)
    • second : ~74Gb

  • Developer

    what are the sizes of the remaining partitions?

  • Hi.
    Fog version is into the title : FOG1.2 (and into the install.log)
    The OS for the server is Debian 7.

  • Developer

    What version of FOG and OS is installed for the FOG server?

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