• I’ve been using Fog .32 for 3 years to image several classroom labs. My Fog server bit the dust (don’t know why), so I rolled a new server with Ubuntu 10.04 and Fog .32 using the Fog machine as a proxy DHCP server. The clients see the server and I can do a memtest, quick register, full register, boot to HD. What I can’t do is upload an image. I create the task in the web GUI and reboot the target machine. Target boots fine (see first pic), but doesn’t start the task: it goes straight to the Fog menu and then boots into Windows 7. It’s like it doesn’t see the upload task and there are no error messages. Any other task I select from the Fog menu shows that the correct kernel is loading and the selected task begins. I think this is a directory issue, but obviously not sure. Also attached a (bad) second pic showing the kernel directories, etc.

    Server is at the school and I don’t have access to it again until Monday morning, but I need to get as much of this figured out this weekend as possible.

    Thanks for any insight.



  • I started from scratch this morning, paying extra attention to the proxy dhcp setup process, and it now seems to be working as it should. Have successfully uploaded and multicasted an image. Thanks for your help.

  • I haven’t tried any other host, yet. Also haven’t specified any other type of task. I can’t deploy or multicast without an image, so that’s what I’ve been trying to make happen. kernel-3.6.9.core is what we’ve been using, with no problems when the server is running correctly. I was going to try to delete the hosts on Monday (I imported from a csv file) and register them again and see if that does anything. I’m just really stumped because all of the other issues prior to this threw me an error message of some sort and with this I get nothing.

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    Is it only happening on this Host, or any host of this type?

    Also, is this happening on other tasks? Not options from the menu, but any time you specify a task?

    It sounds like, to me, the hosts that have this problem have a “custom” kernel attached to them. The FOG Menu loads fine because it’s just a text file, but the actual tasks setup (upload, download, etc…) will use the host’s custom kernel.