Data Migration form FOG 0.32 to 1.2

  • Hi folks, I need some guidance here.

    We have an old Ubuntu 11.04 that had a FOG server 0.32 installed. I decided to set up a new box (Ubuntu 13.10) to install and configure FOG 1.2 and then transfer the data over the new box to keep the images and the hosts configuration.

    Our images are sitting in a shared NFS on a file server.

    The basic installation and configuration is completed, everything is ready to go besides two things.

    1- Redirecting images NFS directory to the current one we have on the remote server. I tried following the instructions here - [url][/url] - But unfortunately there is no such file as config.php in the given location. That’s too bad because there is one on the old box 😛

    2- Transferring the Hosts data to the new box and make sure the images currently sitting in my shared NFS gets inventoried over the new FOG management GUI as well.

    If anyone can give me the procedures for this so I can test them up I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you very much.

    Mathieu Cohen - Fresche Legacy System/Network administrator

    We believe IT can make you smile! 🙂

  • Tom, sorry if this confused you. The initial set up was already tested on local (Ubuntu 13.10 VM) and was working. nothing really has changed besides putting the master Node on a freenas (with FTP & NFS) and giving full control of the loaction to the fog user (which was put as the user to use in the node management on the GUI)

    Since then, everything is still working fine, comunication between Fog and the node is fine, image uploads are going to the dev folder then after upload is finished it’s being transfered to the main /images folder. the ONLY issue is whenever we try to proceed a download from the host management page, it fails automatically giving out the error I posted above. BUT using the quick download from the host list in task management works.

    Do you need more information?

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    I’m getting lost in your setup Mathieu.

    I’m all about customization, but you’re not sure where things are failing, and we haven’t a clue about your particular setup.

    Why not restart and start simple first. Meaning, install fog and test it on a completely localized setup first. Ensure things work and work properly. Then start integrating the customizations.

    One, you’ll learn a TON more about how fog works and what’s happening. Two you learn about many of the limitations.

    I’ve never heard of people just adding and changing things in such a fashion before.

  • Yes the node was set to master already. Also I changed the node from the windows 2003 server to a freenas server.

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    In the tutorial it is only used for a secondary storage node. I’m guessing you wish to have the windows node as the primary. You will need to make that change to the storage management section if not done so already.

  • Nope! definitely we need to look at something else. Same error. Something changed though, no more errors after upload to change file name as I was getting before. Before after upload I would get those errors but image would still be moved from dev to /images after. Now it moves and no errors show up.

    BUT the download error coming from the link in Host management still is a no go. FTP is enabled, user has full control and is even owner of the /images folder as well as its parent.

  • Ok I changed the node location to another server we have NFS and FTP setup already. Im uploading the image and will test the download after.

    Stay tuned for the update! 😉

    ps: sorry for all those questions -_-

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    If you notice in the tutorial there is an ftp program that is required it is called [B][SIZE=13px][FONT=sans-serif][COLOR=#000000]Filezilla[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/B]. You may want to look over the guide again and check your settings.

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    the storage location MUST have access to both NFS and FTP. without FTP you will get the error you just did, and after uploads the server will not be able to move the image from the /images/dev/<mac address> location to /images/<image name>

  • haha sorry about that 😛

    FOG-server and DB are sitting on a Ubuntu 13.10 VM.
    Image node is on an NFS share sitting on a Windows 2003 server (will be upgraded to 2008 R2 or 2012R2 soon enough)

    Basically I just want to get rid of that error message when doing the download from the basic tasks.

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    WOW. Mass confusion…

    What is the set up your are trying to accomplish?

  • So do I need to create an FTP on my ftp server using Fog’s credential pointing to the node? how exactly is FTP connection will work on a machine or folder location that is not sitting in FTP?

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    No, FTP is not new.

    NFS is the “syncing” of the folders and FTP is the method to run commands to the node.
    (This is in basic terms so that may not be the perfect way of saying this.)

  • We do not use an FTP. This node is sitting in an NFS drive. Is the FTP check something new? it wasn’t giving me the error in version 0.32.

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    ok, i’m told that the quick task button doesn’t perform this check. this points to a problem with the ftp running on your storage node

  • Which then makes it a weird bug… here’s some pictures, one of the error message when using the download option in the basic tasks, the other one after clicking on the download arrow from the hosts list.



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    before a task gets generated the interface checks if an image has been assigned in the database, and it checks by ftp if the image exists on the storage node. this check is always pretty much “instant” in my experience.i believe it does the same checks no matter what button you use to create the task, but i could be wrong.

  • Sorry I meant the task management. Let me put it clearer sorry 😉

    What’s not working:

    When looking to a host configuration and clicking on basic tasks, you cannot perform a download from there. It pops up an error message saying there needs to be an image uploaded first (which there is already one). No scans no look nothing its instant as if no connection between this option and the database was made.

    What is working:

    When going to either Host management OR Task management under search host or list all hosts and clicking on the deploy arrow. This creates the download task and is ready to go.

    In other words, it is not the whole download/deploy option that is broken, it is just that link under basic tasks in the host configuration page.

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    i don’t understand what you mean. there is no method to create a task from the active tasks page.

  • Update on the issue. It seems to only happen from the basic tasks menu on hosts. If I go directly to active tasks menu and create a download there it will work. But on host basic task download menu its a no go. And it is not even thinking about it it just sends me the error in half a second.