Suggestions for fog implementation?

  • I would like to use fog as an imaging solution for a pair of networks I manage. I would like to utilize the same fog server for both networks (different IP addresses and subnets for each network). I’m imaging a number of unique systems – 12 on one network, 15 on the other. Each system will require its own image. I’ve successfully configured an external harddrive to serve as the repository for the images themselves. What I’d like to do is setup two separate external harddrives, one for each network. Some things I’m not too clear on:
    []How should I deal with the server itself? Can I just change the IP address when I want to image each network?
    ]Can I use the two HDs as I mention above? Does fog just reference /images to show which images are available for restoration, or will using multiple HDs throw off the DB entries for the images themselves?
    []Can I restore and image to a HD hooked directly to the server via a SATA/USB dongle?
    ]All of the computers on one network utilize RAID arrays? I assume I can image those without too much trouble?
    Any guidance or alternative suggestions for setup are much appreciated.

    Much thanks,

  • Developer

    Unless you are using E-SATA, using an external hard drive for your images is going to create a massive disk bottleneck.

    I dont see the reason for the separation of images. There is no added security or performance gain, so the separation is pointless.

    Apart from the reasons above (which should trump this), you cannot have 2 separate image directories.

    Easy answer: Spend less money, buy internal drives, set them up in RAID, get better performance.

    I would setup DNS in each network that points the hostname ‘fog’ (or what ever your server is called) to the correct IP Address on each network. i.e. Network 1: fog resolves to, Network 2: fog resolves to

    Then configure your Clients and anything else fog related to use the hostname ‘fog’ instead of an IP Address.

    As long as the kernel image supports the RAID you will have no issues. You may (probably will) need to download the latest kernel.