FOS with not SERVER service

  • Hi,
    if i select “no” on the question “do you want FOG server SERVICE ??” , after install with the kubuntu set IP Static , i see not started all service fog ( dhcp,tftp ecc,…)
    how operation I made in the Linux system for Start IPXE and fog menù ??

    i have tried two configuration:

    1. fog with Server dhcp started ( IP Linux machine Static out DHCP routeroffice ) in to VM Machine ( Bridge connection), work correctly
    2. fog whitout Server service installed in to phisical machine Linux, not work !!

    Can you help me for setting file before installed fog in Phisic PC without service dhcp installed ??
    how service I do to configure and start manually before install with the option 2 ??


  • how setting this option in Linux ??

  • Developer

    if you set up a fog without the fog server acting as a DHCP server, you need to configure your DHCP server options 66 and 67

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