SOLVED Fog 2734: Can't update Active Directory settings

  • If I go to a host’s (or group’s) Active Directory settings, check the “Add to Active Directory” box to autofill the options, and click “Update,” I get taken to a blank screen and the update does not occur. The page has no body that I can see in Chrome’s Inspect Element.

    This also happens when clicking, “Save Changes” in the FOG Configuration page.

  • After a bunch of research I was able to solve my issue. For some reason mcrypt only had it’s mcrypt.ini file in the /etc/php5/conf.d folder. The file also needs to be in the /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d and /etc/php5/cli/conf.d folders. I simply copied the file to those 2 directories and restarted apache and then the active directory options worked again. If anybody else in ubuntu has this problem check those directories for the mcrypt.ini file.

  • I’m also getting this issue with almost the exact apache error except mine references line 272. I tried the update you suggested but I’m given the message that I already have the latest version of mcrypt. I’m currently on SVN 2873

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    [quote=“2cool4me4, post: 39606, member: 25120”]I’ll be darned. That took care of it.[/quote]

    As a person once said to me: “Tom, you have no idea what you’re doing.”

  • I’ll be darned. That took care of it.

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    Can you try installing mcrypt with apt-get install php5-mcrypt

  • [Wed Dec 03 16:24:04 2014] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_get_iv_size() in /var/www/fog/lib/fog/FOGBase.class.php on line 266, referer: [url]http://10.1$[/url]

    To be exact

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    What’s in you Apache error logs when you get the white page?