Ip configuration was unavailable

  • hello,
    i have installed kubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64 and fog_1.2.0 and everything was working fine.
    i can connect/upload/deploy an image from a 32bit and 64 bit host with no problem. during fog installation i have used the following settings:
    installation type: normal server
    server ip address:
    dhcp router address:
    dhcp dns address:
    interface :eth0
    using fog dhcp:1
    everything was working fine until i restarted the fog server. now i am unable to go the fog home page and not even possible to register a host. i am new to linux, please help me. thanks

  • Developer

    When the machine boots does it pull the pxe menu, or does it error out and continue booting to the OS?

    In the past with certain revisions of Ubuntu, we had to doctor some services to start on each reboot. I would not be surprised to find that a service was not started properly on boot.

    Start by verifying that the apache and tftp services are running.

    [code]sudo service apache2 restart
    sudo service tftpd-hpa restart[/code]

    Try to navigate to the fog management UI, did the web page display? Pxe boot a machine, does the menu appear? can you register the machine to the fog server?