What Backup Solution do you use?

  • The Fog servers up and running, everything’s fine. I have a USB drive plugged into it, The same size as the disk in the server.
    What backup solution would you recommend? To backup the Fog server and all images on it, It only needs run once every week, but idealy the restore would be image based, a “single” button style restore would be ideal.

    What do you use to back it all up?


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  • Anyone used deja dup?


    I’ll have to add gnome, but if it does the job.

  • Well… There are a few issues with my approach:

    • fog UNIX password
    • fog database credentials.

    If you want to backup it all, you’d need /etc/password & /etc/shadow and the mysql database in mysql… But I’d say it’s easier just to get the info out of the DB, and then passwd fog, then set the mysql password as well

  • Thank you all, Gilou’s script looks particulalry nice.
    Am I right in assumingthat in the event of failure, a reinstall of the Os, and Fog then a copy back from the “destination” would result in a complete “back to the way it was” restore?

  • A quick & dirty script, not tested that much, but it gives the main idea 🙂

    [CODE]#! /bin/bash


    rsync -a /opt/fog/ $destination/opt
    rsync -a /tftpboot/ $destination/tftpboot
    rsync -a /var/www/fog/ $destination/www
    rsync -a /images/ $destination/images

    mysqldump fog | bzip2 -c > fog.sql.bz2
    rsync fog.sql.bz2 $destination

  • Im going to start using BackupAssist. Currently ive made a manual copy of the virtual machines on my ESXI server onto a portable HDD. not the best i know…but BA is coming!

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    Once I create an image I usually copy off the image files to my NAS. I usually end up with many versions as the image develops and gets tested with new hardware and software.

    Then my NAS is backed up to a secondary and offsite.

    My Fog server is a VM and the VHD gets copied off at specified intervals to the NAS as well.

    some duplication but worth the extra space for me as I can go back to a specific point in time while developing a new image and then get rid of the copies once the image is ready.

    The restore is as simple as importing the VM with the VHD back again to a VM host and changing any images that may need it.