How stable is latest svn?

  • A question which I guess has no simple answer. I am running 1.2.0 now and it works good. I am not up to any critical deploy at the moment and I consider “upgrading” to latest svn for bug reporting and testing. My question is if the current svn is stable enough to work more or less as expected? Does the FOG client work as before?

  • Senior Developer

    The legacy client should still work as before. Don’t count on the current in-development client to work though (it can only be obtained through the fogservice-rewrite branch on github)

  • Hi,

    I’m sure Tom will jump in, but yeah, SVN is usable, and the FOG client changes aren’t there yet, so it should work properly as well. However, keep in mind of course that this should not be used in production ;)

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