TFTP Timeout

  • OK,
    So I have tried many things from this forum and the internet without results.

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04
    Fog Version 1.2.0
    New Server from scratch

    I have one working 1.2.0 fog server in the US and now I am trying to setup a new server in Mexico. I have made sure the firewall is turned of and tested the tftp via command line (tftp -v x.x.x.x -c get undionly.kpxe returns received bytes in 0.8 seconds)

    The DHCP server in Mexico is a Barracuda firewall that has the 66 67 options defined. My server in the US is using Microsoft DHCP with 66 and 67 defined.

    So far this is what I have found regarding the differences between the working US server and my new server in Mexico. Using Filezilla I am able to ftp into the US server. The Mexico server gives me a login incorrect error. I have made sure the password is correct in the TFTP Settings via Fog web config page. Is there some other place that I can check for a password on the server?

    When I try to boot a machine via LAN I obtain an IP address, but then TFTP server times out.

    Thanks everyone

  • Developer

    other thing to consider you may need IP-helpers configured if it’s layer 3

  • Developer

    we have seen a few DHCP systems not pass the boot filename correctly. for some reason, they seem to assume all network boot files end in .0
    renaming undionly.kpxe to undionly.0 might work

  • So, I have installed a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 server since I read that there were problems with tftp in 12.04. Still no luck. I am thinking more and more it could be a problem with the Barracuda not passing the tftp server through, even though I have the ip address of the fog server entered.

  • Developer

    that can be caused by a few things, usually network hardware configuration

  • Tom,
    You fixed the FTP problem. The fog user password was incorrect. I have that reset and can now ftp into the server.

    However I am still getting this error message when I try to boot from LAN:
    [COLOR=#666666]PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout[/COLOR]


  • Senior Developer

    On the mexico server, is the fog (unix) username and password correct?

    Both the US and Mexico server’s will have their own usernames and passwords.

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