SOLVED Bugs in 1.2, especially on Debian

  • OK, a few things I’ve noticed…

    • On Debian install, it seems that the IP address somehow is improperly grepped as “adr:IP.XX.XX.XX”
    • On a Debian install, the services init scripts seem to be improperly set up, the services aren’t starting in runlevel 2, and depends weirdly on inetd, and not on mysql. Meh. Can help, will talk about it 😄
    • If there is no disk label (i.e. no msdos, no gpt), FOG starts to go crazy, because of a bug in the bash, after invoking fogpartinfo --list-devices which fails.
    • Not sure if feature or not, but I expected “Force task start” button to re-send a WoL packet, it doesn’t
    • Group settings for the Client, Screen resolution : values are updated in hosts, alright, but the groups doesn’t remember the settings… maybe a non-feature as well, but it is weird
    • FOGImageReplicator : if mysql restarts, it doesn’t die, but doesn’t do anything anymore, it seems…

    and a weird one:
    without saving the PXE Boot menu (i.e. on the stock boot.php setup, probably), if I try to boot a VM that has a disk like “/dev/vda”, it seems that Boot on first hard drive doesn’t work. But maybe it has to do with the default exit strategy for ipxe.

  • Senior Developer

    I know this has been around for a little while, but all of these things should now be in svn.