PXE-E51 not resolved with Port-Fast enabled

  • I’ve been using FOG 0.32 for the past two years, and it’s a great piece of software. Recently I’ve run into issues with certain machines failing to connect to the server or PXE boot, and[SIZE=2] providing the PXE-E51 “No DHCP or DHCP Proxy Offers received” error. I’ve [/SIZE]referred[SIZE=2] to both the thread on the forums /SIZE as well as additional research in an attempt to resolve it, and have failed to do so. I do recognize this as an issue with my network and hardware rather than FOG itself.

    I’m currently running a Cisco Catalyst C2980G-A managed switch; in an attempt to fix this issue I’ve reset the device to the factory default, enabled Port-Fast on my specified test port, verified that Port-Fast is enabled, and then connected the machine. Watching the terminal I see that the computer connects to the switch, but there is still a delay in the connection, and it then fails to boot to PXE. When I replace the Cisco unit with a Netgear ProSafe GS108 unmanaged switch the machine connects to the server and PXE boots instantly.

    Can anyone make any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong? Would switch speed have anything to do with it (Cisco is 10/100 and Netgear is Gigabit)?

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    Thanks for letting us know what fixed it for you, we may be able to suggest this to other users now!

  • I appreciate the response, Jaymes. While the commands within the guide did not work for me I was able to resolve my issue by disabling trunking on the port as well. Granted it takes a few more seconds to connect than the Netgear, but it works no less.

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    I doubt that the 10/100 would cause you any connectivity issues. It may slow your imaging down, but it should NOT be preventing you from receiving your files. I use some old Cisco switches that are 10/100 and they work fine with FOG. But I also use DNSMASQ in my environments.

    I have similar issues though with managed switches. My Cisco switches are Catalyst 2960-S and they tend to take quite some time for my machines to boot, unless I enable port fast, then they boot within a few seconds. If I use an unmanaged switch things are usually much smoother and faster, though I am not sure why.

    The only other thing that I have enabled on my switches is the IGMP Snooping.

    I set my switches up with the following guide: [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/cisco-programming-guide.10856/[/url]

    I feel it should be stated, the experience I have with Cisco switches are all self taught/playing with settings. I am not a Cisco engineer and I never claim to be!

  • The switch continues to work with older devices such as the Dell Latitude D600, D610, D620 and D630 but does not work with the HP EliteBook 8440p. When I replace the switch with the Netgear switch the EliteBook 8440p connects flawlessly, and instantly. I verified that Port-Fast was enabled on the Cisco, but it’s not making any difference; could it be an issue that the Cisco is 10/100 and the Netgear is Gigabit?

  • So, if I’m reading this right, all was working then stopped?

    Maybe the reset of the switch is blocking traffic on UDP 69?