SOLVED [FOG 1.2.0] Unable to save Windows 7 key @ Full Host registration in PXE menu

  • Hello,

    First post!

    Just starting using FOG and while trying to add a new host using the PXE menu I noticed the following:
    []Unidentified host boots into the PXE menu for the first time
    ]Select ‘Perform Full Host Registration and Inventory’
    []Enter requested information (hostname, image ID, add to group y/n) untill the Windows key request pop up, which I reply with [y]
    ]I enter Windows key from the Windows 7 OA sticker in XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX format and press enter
    []The same question is shown, the menu did not advance
    ]Enter Windows key again, now in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX format.
    [*]Same result…

    I would very much like to able to complete the new host registration from the PXE menu, is this a know issue or am I missing some basics being new to FOG and all…?

  • I think I understand now, where you referencing to the added feature discussed @ this thread? [url][/url]

  • About 50% of that went over my head, maybe it’ll make sense in a few days :p.

    Going on the basics you are relaying, you indicate that it should work @ 1.2.0 with the input format I mentioned right?

    EDIT: I would like to use the entered Windows 7 key to activate the client after imaging, is this what you mean by needing to recompile the FOG service?

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    My testing shows things are working so I don’t know what your particular issue is with this.

    The setting of this flag would probably break the client though as it was an added feature that would require you to recompile the fog service anyway to have any type of functionality.

  • I guess that’ll work as far as being able to complete the registration.

    Is this feature a work in progress with any expected results on the short term or should I just get on with it and add the Windows keys later using the web interface?

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    Just say no for that part.