• What to do? I have FOG 0.32 running on Ubuntu 10.04. All is well there. I have 5 HP 4430 Pro books. These all came with Windows 7. I successfully uploaded an image to fog from the first laptop. Then simply deployed that image back to the same laptop. I then created or registered a second laptop as a host, set it to PXE boot. I then set a task to deploy the original uploaded image to the second laptop. All seemed to be well until the second laptop rebooted. Second laptop now has black screen stating something like “no disk found”(something like this, I am at home and not in front of work PC’s).
    These laptops all have the OEM “7”. and I do not have a OS disk.
    Any ideas on the problem?

    [B]UPDATE: [/B][B]'A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. [/B]This is the error message that occurs.

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    Be sure to run the below command from Command Promt before sysprepping/uploading (requires a reboot)

    chkdsk /f

  • Sorry, was having trouble with my PC earlier. I would try this on a different laptop that you haven’t done anything with. So on a third laptop, it should bring you to a naming screen. I would try to log in Audit mode on this one. However, if you do continue to have trouble, I would run through the guide here, [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/windows-7-deployment-fog-sad2-driver-tool.380/[/url], this is a very in-depth guide to deploy a Windows 7 image to computers.

  • The error at blank screen I am getting after reboot is [B] 'A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart[/B]

  • I will not be able to get into Audit mode because I cannot get past the black screen at boot up. Just to clarify, I deployed the original uploaded image form first laptop, down to the second laptop. Now upon booting the second laptop it goes straight to a black screen with some error message.
    Are you stating to press CNTR, SHFT, F3 [U]at the black screen[/U] and this will take me into windows, even though there is a black screen at the bootup?

    PS Thank you for helping with this,…trying to be a hero for my boss at work & telling him FOG is the way to go.

  • Audit mode is accessed from Windows at the naming screen. Once you hit the key combination the computer will restart and automatically log in as the administrator so you could configure the computer as you wanted. With your FOG server up, you would need to go to (yourFOGserver)\fog\client in your webbrowser, and download the FOGprep file. Install and run this on your computer, and then that should take care of your hard drive error.

  • Audit mode. is this within windows 7?, or within the FOG screen of full registration, quick image, etc.?
    I may not have FOGprep the second laptop before deploying image to it. I know, I know,…noob

  • You need to clear out a registry key first to “erase” the hard drive identifier. I would try to boot the system into audit mode (assuming you haven’t named the laptop. When it boots and is at the naming screen hold ctrl+shift+F3.) and it should be as simple as running FOGprep.exe on the computer at that point. FOGprep.exe is what removes that key.