What should happen when I create an image?

  • When I create an image in the web UI, should that create any directories/files on disk?

    I’m running Fog 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04. I’m trying to get things running, but am having some difficulties. I can go into the web UI and create and image. After that, I PXE boot a machine (Lenovo T430s in this case) and register it successfully. When I tell the client to take an image I get an error “unable to locate image store”.

    The image path in the UI is “/images/<imagename>”. When I look at that path on disk, I see the “dev” and “postdownloadscripts” folders, but nothing in any of the folders with the image name. I tried changing the path of the image to “/images/dev/<imagename>” and creating a directory in that path on disk. Then I get a different error when I try to image about it not being able to find a particular file.

    I’m guessing that there should be a directory and files created when I create an empty image, but it is not happening.

    Can any kind soul provide some troubleshooting pointers?



  • Senior Developer

    I’m confused.

    Have you tried uploading an image?

  • Hmm. As far as I can tell, things are set up ok. The storage node is set to “/images” as the base path (which exists on disk). NFS exports looks right. The image is set to use the default storage group, and the path is set ok there, too.

    Is there a place that documents the individual commands I can run on the client in debug mode to see if I can pin down where the issue is?


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    directories do not get created until an image file is created. during an upload, images are uploaded to /images/dev/<file named after macaddress of computer> by nfs. when completed, they are moved to /images/<imagename> by ftp.
    make sure your image is set to a valid image store