• I have been using for fairly successfully for a few weeks now until today. I was changing a setting to image some new machines and when I clicked to save the settings I was greeted with a blank page. Hitting the back button took me back but the settings I changed were not saved. This is happening with every page that has a setting that can be changed and saved. I restarted the fog server for good measure but it didn’t change anything.
    What is broken? Can it be fixed without a reinstall?
    I am using version 2203.

  • That seems to have fixed the GUI. Thanks!
    Only problems I see now is that under the active directory settings when I put in the encrypted password and tell it to save. After saving the settings the encrypted password changes to a much larger string that does not resemble what I entered.

  • To upgrade your svn, cd into the “trunk” folder you downloaded before.

    When in there, type:
    [code]svn up[/code]

    Wait for the update to complete and:
    [code]cd bin

    It should be that simple.

    As far as installing php-mcrypt, try:
    [code]sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt[/code]

  • Have any instructions on how to upgrade the SVN? I’m not super familiar with linux, I don’t know if I just run the same command if it will upgrade or will I lose anything?
    No idea on php-mcrypt, I loaded from the SVN originally and it did whatever it was it needed to do.

  • First, as you’re on SVN, can you upgrade to 2426? 2203 is rather old now.

    Second, it looks like you need to instal php-mcrypt on your system possibly?

  • Here you go. The errors are toward the bottom, but there are plenty all through out.


  • Can you provide apache error logs when you get the blank page?