Image Deployment not working after Update 0.32 to 1.2.0

  • Hi there,

    i posted this already in another thread put apparently opening a new one is kind of a better solution (1 problem 1 thread ;)).

    First of all - we updated FOG 0.32 to 1.2.0 and there it goes down the drain …

    Unfortunately after the update we had to “recreate” the old pxelinux.cfg to get the Bootmenu up and running. I know i know, “Use the undionly.kpxe”. Yes we did this - no it was not working, everytime it got to the “default.ipxe” file it got stuck and Timed out. I tried everthing i found here in the forum, but it wont work. Nevertheless, the pxelinux.0 file is booting up the menu.

    Here comes the tricky part, i am able to do basically everthing. I can upload an image to the FOGServer, registering HOST aso aso. What i cannot do… is apparently imaging… thats truly unfortunate since this is an IMAGEING Server. 😄

    The problem is already written here -> [URL=‘’]click me[/URL]. So when i choose to Quick Image a Host, even with a new created image, it just runs through the whole process without copying anything to the host.

    []we checked the rights - everthing is like it should be (fog:admin 777)
    ]uploaded images will be copied automatically from images/dev/ to /images/ (there was a post asking about this because the ftp data was apparently wrong)
    I am not able to solve this issue, there are no error messages nothing :(I hope you can help me get this over with, i sunk kind of 14+ hours in this issue 😐


  • Developer

    See my previous post.

  • We did some digging with the default.ipxe and we could not find any request from host to the fogserver (at least the fog server is not showing any tftprequests for this file). So currently it looks like that the requests gets stuck somewhere (no clue where) or smth else is wrong 😐

  • Developer

    I really think you should revert back to undionly and begin troubleshooting from then on. At least that way you can upgrade later without worrying about issues arising due to you still using pxelinux.0.

    If you were unable to get past the pxe timeout then your issue is not the same as the linked post so we need to start from step 1 and troubleshoot our way through.