Brainfart on restarting a computer during a name change

  • So I seem to be having a brain fart. I can’t get my computers to restart when I change the host name through the web interface. I setup the FOG Service to do host name changes, modified the config.ini to force restarts if needed. If I check the fog.log It sees that the name is going to change, and it will after the service is restarted. I know there is a way to have the computer restart as soon as it sees that the name is supposed to change, but don’t remember where it is or how to get the computers to auto restart. Any ideas?

  • Have you recompiled and replaced hostnamechange.dll on your image? That step seems to elude many folks.

  • Developer

    Need more information Kevin.

    What troubleshooting have you done?

  • I used to get a problem with the service not starting properly (or perhaps starting too early?) when my image included .NET Framework 4. Restarting the service would then cause it to act normally. Do you have .NET Framework 4 in your image?