• Hey guys,

    So I have just upgraded from Fog .32 to 1.2.0 and my web interface will not allow me to create anything new, i.e. host/group/storage node etc. I type in all of the information and I do get a “Group added” confirmation, but when I go to “List all groups” there is nothing present. I can add new users, not sure if that is pertinent information. Also under the “Service Management” tab, there is no information under any menu, I just get a blank page.

    When trying to PXE boot, I do get to the fog management screen. I attempt to perform a full host registration and inventory and the system goes through all the paces as far as I can tell but nothing registers on the server.

    I’m fairly new to the Fog system and Ubuntu so sorry if I’ve left anything out! Thanks for the help in advance!

  • Developer

    Can you upload your fog install log? It is located here: