Is there anyway to "force" partition size in andvance ?

  • Helo,
    I have deplopyed an image to two deferent hardware computers , and the first partition is 283 mb on one of them , but 3.11 GB on the other , the windows partition is 48GB on one of them , and 278GB on the other , and the data partition is 249.8GB on one , and 16.23 on the other.
    where can i set at least the first and second partition ( not the last one wich can be what ever size is left on the disk)
    this is important ( to me)

  • Webmaster should add fog version details as a field to be displayed on the user Icon to the left at the forums posts.

    i am happy with the answers i have , thanks.

  • Again,

    What version of fog are you using?

    SVN? FOG 1.2.0? Which revision?

    It will display in the FOG Cloud on your GUI.

  • Moderator

    possibly use a non resizable image that will fit on every machine and then have a snapin or script that expands the drives using batch file or set the option in your sysprep.

  • Hi Tom
    no multi boot ,simple windows 8.1 with C partition for the system and D partition for the data . the first partition that i mentioned in the post is the windows boot partition.
    i thought it was very odd that deploying the same image to two different computers will result with the different partition sizes , i deployed through multicast option, and for some reason one of the computers failed with file not found error on the “d1.original.partitions” or the other “d1.minimum.partitions” i cant remember now which one. but continued to deploy the image.
    eventually i took “d1.original.partitions” from an image folder where i was happy with the sizes of the partitions, and used that.
    [SIZE=3]i think it might be a good idea for future versions , to state the partition sizes on the web gui , perhaps even allowing to manipulate the size as the user see feet before deploying the image.[/SIZE]

    thanks again,

  • I don’t understand.

    What FOG version are you running? Is this a multiboot system?