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  • While I am running my Fog on 10.04 LTS server I know many people are running it on desktop version. Have you all updated your Ubu to fix the exploit vulnerability? Also, would there be a reason desktop version is less safe than server i.e. out of support etc. 10.04 server goes out of support soon, is desktop already out of support and not eligible for the exploit fix.? Can I just do an in place release upgrade for Ubuntu to 12.04 without having to re-install/configure Fog? All of your input is appreciated.



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    There is no good reason to still be using the 10.04 LTS branch. There are newer LTS branches out. However, this all comes down to personal setup and preference, and does not impact FOG.

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    Your running Fog 1.2 on Ubuntu 10.04?

    possibly if you are running 0.32, you could consider upgrading OS (I use Debian 7) and fog at the same time on a new host/VM so you can get the advatages of all the updates.

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    Erm, what?

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