Troubleshooting image download - no errors - but no deploying eather

  • i have uploaded an 8.1 image successfuly to fog server (default:Windows 8.1
    Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk (Not Resizable)
    And now i want to download/deploy it to another computer (different hardware) , pxe works ,all the way , but when it comes to actually deploy the image it just skeeps on to the next phase and nothing is being deployed.
    the task is then finished fast but nothing happens.
    i have tried to to do a debug download to see if there are any error messages , pressing Enter at each stage , but i could not see anything wrong.

    my guess it has to with the hard disk being different size , and that it cant deploy it because of that.

    any ideas would be appreciated

  • i Withdraw my last question.
    turns out the partition chkdsk /f fixed something after all ,
    and the image is been uploaded .
    thank you for you patient and support.

  • I don’t know what you mean.

  • i did the chkdsk , its all good . as for truly shutting down windows , when windows shutdown , it boot fast to windows (not truly shutting down ) but when restarting , and getting to the pxe boot menu , then it truly shut down. but i am going to search for a registry key change to make sure that no hibernation /sleep mode is taking place anyway , just to be on the safe side , though i am quite confident this is not the issue. , i wish there was an option to force the image upload as if to say : here is the disk , here are the partitions , flagged dirty or not , data corrupted or not , make the image ANYWAY.

    [I]let me asks this in a different way :[/I]

    [I]Is it possible to create the image under “Single disk realizable” but setup parameters to skip the resize on the upload , but if changes are required when deploying it , they will execute ?[/I]

    [SIZE=2]i don’t understand why partition resize has to occur on the image rather on the partition to be deployed on , but then again , i am not a developer and i don’t know everything…[/SIZE]

  • i think your issue is windows 8.1 isn’t truly “shutting down” rather in a hibernate/sleep type state.


    Well, it’s expected that sda1, sda2, and sd3 are either not resizable or they’re far and away too small to be resized. The 4th partition is, typically, the main data partition and is the one that will resize. however, it’s unable to mount the first partition or clear the chkdisk state on the drive because it’s not in a properly shutdown state. Follow the instructions given in the window: (i.e. boot to windows and run chkdsk /f and reboot, twice)

  • yes , it says hd=/dev/sda
    and part=/dev/sda1
    but perhaps this is wrong ?
    what can i type to check ?
    thank you for your assistance

    revision - latest SVN 2364

  • Developer

    What revision are you running? It’s in the little cloud on the upper left of the FOG web UI.

  • Developer

    This post is deleted!

  • you are wrong
    this is happening when creating an image.

  • Developer

    The harddrive you are deploying to is not big enough for the image you want to install on it.

  • ok i have made a video screen capture of the error creating a single disk resizable image.
    the pc has been deployed in the past by fog .
    it says that the first partition is to small , and later on asks to do a chkdsk.
    this is false alarm, the disk is fine and windows partitions are fine .

  • Developer

    You can, all you have to do is choose the correct settings for the hardware 😉

  • i will create another image. but truly , if the guys at Acronis can make an image and deploy it no matter the hardware , surly this team can do it too 😉

  • Developer

    If i is due to the harddrive being smaller it will flash that error just before it “finishes” imaging. Can you try the deploy again and see if you can catch that error?

    IF the harddrive on this system is smaller than the one you uploaded from then you need to use the image type “Single disk realizable” so that it can compress the image size.