• This should be simple. I have a totally, physically isolated network of machines. 1 fog server per environment. The fog server is the only DHCP server in the network. I want the fog server to be a normal DHCP server, which it should be already. I haven’t installed any extra software, and am trying to setup DHCP reservations.

    I’ve edited the etc/dhcp/ dhcpd.conf, and at the end of it added the following text I found on the web, at the end of the file.

    host Accountant {
    hardware ethernet 00:1F:6A:21:71:3F;
    host Accountant2 {
    hardware ethernet 00:1F:6A:21:71:4F;
    But it just hangs at the DHCP boot on a client.

    Can I use the fog servers DHC server, or do I need to install dhcp3? I need 20 reservations in the fog server…

    Can anyone help?

  • Thank you for replying Vincent. The classroom is used for different courses, the need for reservations is due to the requirements of a particular class. Unfortunatley it’s the only way it can be done. The OS used in the course is a custom OS, and very basic, reservations are the only way we can use the same image, but guarantee different IP addresses per machine. Beleive me its a pain in the … I have no choice but to use reservations.
    Have you used the fog server as a main DHCP server and got reservations working, or do I need to install DHCP3, in which case is there a guide on how to disable Fog’s DHCP server and correctly configure DHCP3?


  • Moderator

    why do you need reservations? if your fog is an isolated network the address shouldn’t matter