Image upload/deploy screen colors wrong

  • Built a new FOG server running v1.2.0 on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine. Everything’s working fine, but the colors on the imaging screen are off:


    As far as I know, there’s no way to customize the colors of this screen. Anyone know what could be causing this?

  • Andrew: Great find! I decided to try deploying then uploading the image, but I ran into some trouble. I let it run overnight because it was a large image, and when I came back into the office this morning, I was greeted with this screen:

    No idea what this is, and you can see my attempt to Ctrl-C whatever is happening. The image didn’t end up uploading to FOG, either.

    I went into the image properties and changed the image manager from PartImage to PartClone and am attempting to upload again. Maybe that’s what I needed to do?

    edit: Nope, still getting the same problem.

    edit the second: Found out the issue. The user account I had set in Storage Management did not have write permission to the image’s folder. I changed this to an account that did, and now all is peachy.

    Thanks to everyone for their help and input!

  • I found the solution.

    Version .32 uses what they call a partimage. Version 1.2.0 uses a partclone. If you image with a partimage, you get the goofy colored screen. If you image with a partimage, you get the correct colors and a progress bar. To convert a partimage to a partclone all you need to do is send the image to a PC and then upload it back to fog. Once I did that, things look correct again.

  • Glad to see this is happening to a range of people. It’s really only a cosmetic issue, but I miss my progress bar 😞

  • This happens to all our deployments, too, that use a pre-1.0.0 image. If we use a modern image, then this problem does not occur.

    But it’s definitely not hardware-dependent because it happens on every single piece of hardware that we image using an old image. We have the following models:

    Dell OptiPlex 760
    Dell OptiPlex 780
    Dell OptiPlex 790
    Dell OptiPlex 7010, Tower Version
    Dell OptiPlex 7010, Desktop Version
    Dell Latitude E5510
    Dell Latitude E5520
    Dell Latitude E5530
    Dell Latitude E5540

  • Is there a solution to this? It makes me want to go back to version .32!

  • I experienced this too. I liked it 🙂

  • Yeah, as far as I can tell nothing is going wrong image-wise. Just some weird colors.

    I deployed the same image to the same computer again, but the weird colors persist. Strange!

  • Developer

    i have seen this once, but performing the task again on the same computer resulted in normal colors. afaik, nothing works improperly when this happens, it’s just the wrong colors.

  • This is happening on all the hosts I’ve seen so far. They are Lenovo laptops, ThinkPad E430 and E540. The FOG server itself is a Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 72.

    The funny thing is that these same laptops displayed the correct colors before on a different FOG server running v0.32 on Ubuntu 11.10 on a Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 71.

  • The only guess I have been able to come up with:

    The video it’s pulling can’t properly interpret the color codes to display the “normal” way. I’ve never personally encountered it and have only heard this happening from a total of three people. You, Greg Plamondon, and jmeyer.

    Does this happen on every host and/or everytime it runs or was this a one off system?