Adding collums to inventory table-see these in inventory report

  • Hello, I just do a clean install of fog 1.2 and everything is running. Now i just create 4 adicional collums in inventory table and i want them to appear in the inventory report.
    I’am a php beginner and i do not know what files do i have to change?
    In version 0.32 it was more simple to me but now i dont know what to do.

    Can anyone help?

  • Thanks Junkhacker for the fast reply.
    just figure it out. The report didn’t work because of one letter in the inventory.class.php. I’ts case sensitive (common mistake i think). All working now.
    Congratulations to all devellopers in FOG for the great job!

  • Developer

    the files you would need to edit are
    <fog-web-root>/lib/fog/Inventory.class.php and
    or create a new report generator at
    putting your report here should prevent it from being overwritten by new versions of fog, but you will probably still need to re-edit the Inventory.class.php file after an update