Image won't start after Multicast

  • If i deploy two machines seperatly with unicast everything Works fine. But if I use multicast on the same two machines the deployment finishes normaly but after computers restart, they wont boot. They show bootmgr is mising press ctrl+alt+del.

    What is the cause of this problem? I am using 1.2 and trying multicast for the first time after upgrade from 0.32>1.1.1>1.1.2>1.2

    Update: After fast wipe it wont even deploy (unicast or multicast) just restarts.

  • I solved it with kind of a workaround. I ended up recreating image to be PartClone as this was old image from 0.32 fog and it was PartImage.

    I will try your suggestion if I get the same error with the image which can’t be recreated. Thank you.

  • I’m thinking, then, that the issue is it’s not writing the MBR to the hdd. Though it should without any major issues as I believe we still mount the NFS to get the mbr written for the client.

    The imaging occurs as you state, but the bootloader isn’t operating for it? Can you try creating the image as a debug task?

    To do so, you may need to, currently, edit the TaskType table so taskTypeID 8 has mode=debug

    Schedule the task and your system should boot to the terminal window.

    Type fog at the prompt

    When press enter and such until the image is complete. It will not restart the system so you should be fine there.

    Can you print the contents of fdisk -l once it’s complete?

    That command is eff disk dash ell

  • Multipartition image not resizable.

  • Is this a resizable image, or a multipartition image?

  • No, MultiCast starts just fine but after it finishes the image wont boot (bootmgr is mising press ctrl+alt+del.). The same image works just fine if i send it with UniCast.

  • So multicast tasks won’t start? Is the FOGMulticastManager service started on the server?

    [code]sudo service FOGMulticastManager stop
    sudo service FOGMulticastManager start[/code]

  • Developer

    try creating a partition on the disks and try again