Loop Restart with this ERROR

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    Okay in that case, I would build the image on a virtual and a physical machine. You need to enter audit mode and then sysprep your image and upload.

    I recommend using a physical and virtual environment, as my machines I had to build the image on the physical machine (it has something to do with the hardware in the computer.) After doing so and uploading the image, I was able to image my problematic machines without errors.

  • hello sir… Thanks for the reply…

    I dont use unattend.xml… and for now, I dont want to use or try it… its ok for me to manually configure my pcnames and users…

    I will try making another image…

    Thank sir

  • Developer

    Do you use Unattend.xml to answer your installation questions?

    I have had this error before but normally it was related to the hardware on the machin e(not sure why) but making a new unattend.xml file solved this issue for a particular model.

    Is there a possibility that your image you created became corrupt? Have you tried upload the image again after resetting your VirtualBox image to a previous save state? Try running the chkdsk utility a few times and upload again, if the same issue occurs, try a different (or no unattend.xml) to troubleshoot unattend issues.

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