• Hi:

    I’ve just setup a new FOG server (v1.2.0) on Ubuntu 14.04.1 desktop 64-bit.

    I have a very virgin “Win 8.1 Pro Update” image (created with Microsoft’s Volume License ISO file) which I’m doing experiments with. My image does include the Fog Service installed on the client otherwise no application software at all is installed. I’m using FOG’s Active Directory" integration to make the PC join the domain and set its hostname. The problem I’m running into is that sometimes it appears that the Fog Server (client software) keeps rebooting the PC over and over again. The PC will boot into Win 8.1, operate for about four minutes and then reboot. This reboot will happen while the PC is sitting at the login screen, and/or it will happen while it’s in use. Sometimes the PC will keep rebooting for hours.

    The only FOG service feature I really want is the host name changer (and joining Active Directory), so I have tried to disable from the FOG server’s global menu: Auto Log Off, Directory Cleaner, Green Fog, Printer Manager and User Cleanup.

    I would be quite unhappy if I used FOG to deploy Windows 8.1 to all my office PCs and then the PCs kept rebooting randomly! Any thoughts?

    While this rebooting was happening I tried to keep crabbing records from C:\fog.txt because I thought it might have some relevant information. (see attached file)


  • Developer

    id the name change service enabled? It sounds to me like the computer name doesn’t match what FOG thinks it should be and is attempting to set it, and rebooting to complete the change.

    I know you are trying to get it to join to the domain, but lets test pieces at a time. Disable the name change service and see if that helps with the reboots.