Machine wants to image from an older fog setup?

  • We had an image on fog server 1 called 5800R2.

    Fog server 1 died.

    We now have an image on fog server 2 called 5800

    Any time I PXE boot a specific handful of computers, they boot to immediately upload to the image 5800R2. This server does not exist, but the machines look like they complete this upload successfully. All I want is for them to deploy this new 5800 image though on fog server 2.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before? I’ve even zero’d the hard drive and flashed the BIOS on these machines, and they still PXE boot directly to this image upload.

  • You ask really good questions 😛

    It looks as if a new tftboot directory was created as there is a tftboot.prev directory as well as the tftpboot one. That indicates to me that the new server was made from scratch, and the images that were common between the two were manually copied over.

    That being said, in the pxe.config directory are entries aside from the default that carry the MAC addresses of my computers in question as well as a reference to the image 5800R2. I’ve removed these files and will try my luck with PXE again.

    This is already progress from where I was, so even though you’re just asking me for more information you are indeed helping me so thank you very much.

    Edit: That did the trick! Thank you!

  • Developer

    ok, so, after server 1 died, how did you migrate your data to the new server?
    i’m going to assume you ended up copying the /tftpboot directory over, right?

  • Bingo. After my adventure to the MDF I can safely confirm that the 5800R2 image is nowhere to be found on the storage node, by the way.

  • Developer

    so fog server 1 and fog server 2 were not running at the same time, but fog server 2 was created to replace the one that died. am i understanding that correctly?

  • My apologies for not being more thorough. Both the old server and the new one are/were .32, and the new server uses the same IP and storage node as the old one.

    I’m going to guess that your next suggestion will be to see if I can’t hunt down this 5800R2 on the node someplace, so I’m going to pop in to the MDF and have a look right now :rolleyes:

  • Developer

    what version of fog?
    do you have multiple storage nodes (or did you before server 1 died)?
    where do the images upload to?