FOG AD Joining Query

  • I’m just running through the initial deployment of FOG and had a question about how it handles the AD Joining - specifically whether the FOG process does the actual joining or whether it simply lines up/slipstreams scripts that mean the machine itself does the join after imaging.

    I’m weighing up the pros and cons of running FOG on my company network or whether I just need to create a self-contained network with FOG running on an old computer with a GE switch connecting it to X number of machines to push images too, saving the main network from getting hammered.

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    performance can depend on a great many things.

    I run fog in a VM, and I can throw data out at speeds where I can image a PCs in 10-15 mins. multiple at a time.

  • Fair enough, I’ve obviously got no frame of reference for performance so I wanted to check. Thanks…

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    the client gets the workstation to join.

    I wouldn’t bother with a dedicated network… are you imaging that often or your network so slow that imaging would hurt it?

    much more bother having to pickup a PC and take it to the other network.

    I’ve got 150+ machines and not had problems relating to the network. just some really brand new machines not liking booting anything except windows 8…

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