Problem with cloning computers.

  • Hi there
    I have had a problem with cloning equipment.
    I’m trying to clone a computer with Linux and Windows installed and I have used the method of cloning image FOG with a single disk with multiple partitions (type of Linux system), when I try to restore a computer like, the cloning fault and the compuer continuously restarts.

    What would be the best option for cloning a computer with Linux installed and the Windows operating system?


  • It work well?
    How had you distributed as partitions?
    My HD one to W7 NTFS, ETX4 to Linux and Swat.


  • My setup is like yours, dual boot pc with Windows7/Ubuntu14.04 and images are set to LINUX type.
    Windows is loading using grub, that was installed during ubuntu setup.
    I don’t need to change nothing on Windows7 nor Ubuntu14.
    Only difference is image type: Single Disk-[B]resizable.[/B]

  • Are you running a Grub or Windows bootloader? (does your windows bootloader load linux, or does your linux boot loader loads windows).

    I would recommend experimenting with “linux / windows7” computer types in FOG … since a “dual boot” machine can be counted as EITHER linux OR windows.

    have you tried using both options?

  • This post is deleted!