Partclone won't image our Dells

  • Fog Version: 1.2.0
    Ubuntu: 14.04

    I recently tried to image one of our Dell Optiplex 330s and it won’t take. Partclone shows it’s mounting and then displays “error exit” and the computer restarts. I’ve tried with other XP images we have and they don’t seem to work. I’ve also tried it on other Dell models such as the GX620.

    However, I can take that same image and push it down on an HP machine. I am also able to upload and image from the Dell computers just not push them down.

    [B]EDIT[/B] Here is a picture of the error ([url][/url])

  • To add on to this, While I completely agree with Jayme’s post, it seems to me that this issue is known about.

    First, it seems to me that as you’re using XP, this problem is a known issue in a few threads. I’ve been doing my best, but as I, as many of us here do, work in a school district, am pretty swamped at work. The quick fix, from what I could think of, is to push XP/Vista images into the same category as how all the rest operate. Windows 7/8/8.1 resizable images are typically stored in /images/<imagepathname>/{rec,sys}.img.000

    XP and Vista supposed are a singular file in the format of:

    I’ve pushed the changes to bring xp and vista into the same realm as Windows 7/8/8.1, but haven’t had any of either of these images to test it with as I have been busy at work. I’m sorry.

    Second, the “hanging” for a second then error exit seems to me that the problem is more related to locating the file which leads me to the information in the "first’ part of this posting.

    While I understand the “reddit” post may or may not have been done by you, it seems that Junkhackers response was an indirect (“We need more information.”) rather than a direct stab at you. The comments therein that post seem a bit harsh and rash. While it could’ve been stated more clearly, he was simply trying to get the point across that he uses those systems to actually do work and they work fine. He probably wasn’t using XP, and he was attempting (I think) to tell you the system in and of itself works fine.

  • Developer

    [B]FIRST: [/B]I want you to know I came here to help to solve your issue, but then I found this: [url][/url]

    [CENTER][SIZE=5][B]So Solve your own issue!!![/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

    I have no desire to help those who run their mouths on other forums/board systems and talk negatively about this product, or its devs which have given selflessly to solve issues that many of us will never experience.

    Next time you want help ask for it with a piece of humble pie.

    Junkhacker let you know that the machines themselves work, he has used them without an issue. The issue could be a number of things, from BIOS settings, to Network settings, to problems in the Image: And now you will never know. There is a LOT of documentation, not only from the devs but also the board USERS.

    Many of us have lives outside of FOG. We do this in our spare time. Show some respect, and some gratitude instead of running to reddit to complain about the devs, you could try asking questions such as:

    “What version of firmware is installed on your machine?”

    “Have you updated your drivers?”

    “What type of an image are you trying to upload?”

    “Are your settings set to legacy settings in the BIOS?”

    I could ask more to help you solve your issue, but you seem to have your own form of tech support, enjoy.

    P.s. If you try the most up to date SVN we pushed a change that MAY solve this issue, or you can go make another angry post, you’re really only making yourself look bad when we sit here willing to fix many problems that aren’t our own.

  • They’ve been fine until I’m not sure when. I was imaging them without any problems. I’ve re-up’d the image under 1.2.0 to make sure it wasn’t from .32 just to be safe. Recently I needed to image one, and now PartClone just throws that error and restarts. The image is not corrupt because I can push it down on other machine (HP’s).

    PartClone literally gives me no description of what’s happening other than “error exit”.

  • Developer

    gx620s have been some of my primary test boxes for fog, they work fine