FOG 1.2.0 image set within group from membership not working

  • Hello,
    i recently manually migrated from fog 0.32 to 1.2.0 (on debian 7.6, php 5.4.4). I don’t know if there is connection but, i had problem to import hosts via web gui and *.csv file. There was a message 166 host imported and 0 hosts error, but after that list of hosts was still empty. I solved it via importing (with edited images ID) sql table.
    Now I created groups and added hosts. I want to change via group setting image association, but its not working.
    Can you help me to solve it?
    Thank you!

  • After I changed image and clicked update, page loaded again with old image… in log file for apache was only script ‘/var/www/html/fog/management/ajax/dashboard.bandwidth.php’ not found or unable to start, so I searched forum found article fog-upgrade-from-0-3-2-to-fog-1-0-1-php-errors-centos-6-5.10680 so I decided to make new install again. And now its working fine (import hosts too).

    I don’t know something broke in previous install, but everything in foginstall.log seemed ok.
    Thank you for fog and your support!

  • Developer

    in what way is it not working? what error are you getting?

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