• Hi all,

    can anyone tell me if this is normal.

    Im using the same setup in both situations.
    Same Host
    Same Server
    Same image
    same NIC
    Same OS

    Clonezilla, I am able to download at an average of 7.55GB/min

    Fog, I am able to download at an average of 4.88GB/min

    Is this normal? does Fog run slower than Clonezilla?

    They both use Partclone so shouldn’t they be the same?

    What am I doing wrong?


  • To OP I found that setting PIGZ to 0 actually slowed my transfer rate down significantly. I currently have it set at 3 and we’re happy with 5GB/min downloads. I can imagine setting it at 6 may also be slower than 3 though I haven’t tested that. I also know that NIC driver configs have everything to do with the speed though I know you said same OS so maybe there’s nothing there, maybe.

  • [quote=“Thiago, post: 35801, member: 21790”]the same behavior for unicast/multicast. I will try upload new image with compression enabled and post my results. Thanks.[/quote]
    New image uploaded… Cloning 2 computers at 2.4GB rate, but with 3 computers 480MB/min. (unicast and multicast)
    Looking at dashboard Bandwidth/transmit, speed for 3 machines are ~20MB/s, but for 2 is ~85MB/s.
    Just one more computer can decrease speed like happens here?

  • the same behavior for unicast/multicast. I will try upload new image with compression enabled and post my results. Thanks.

  • Developer

    if you’ve disabled compression, then you’re consuming more bandwidth to send the same amount of data
    are you describing speeds during unicast or multicast?

  • I’m using fog 1.2.0 and my download speed is 2.4GB/min for 2 computers at same time. If i increase the number of computers, the download speed is decreased to 480MB/min (independently of number of computers turned on, 1, 5, or 10). When i was using fog 0.32, download speed for 16 computers at same time was 2.0GB.
    I’m not using pigz for image upload process. This setting make difference in download speed?

  • I am using ubuntu 12.04.2 on both.
    as far as the image format, Multi part - single disk.(not sure if thats what you mean)
    time start to finish, fog was about 4 minutes slower. I don’t have exact time.

    Fog is saving me time and headache though on hostname changing. Love that feature.

  • Developer

    it won’t harm anything to turn off compression, but you may not get a significant increase in speed. in fact, it’s possible for it to go slower, considering you’re sending uncompressed data over the network then.
    what distro of linux did you use for each?
    what image format were you using in fog?
    what was actual time start to finish difference? fog at least has more steps then just the partclone part.

  • ok, so here is what I did.

    I had clonezilla installed on our server. (Dell Poweredge R710)
    Downloaded the image to my host PC (Dell optiplex 9010)
    Took the screenshot while it was downloading.

    Took a few day and wiped clonezilla out.
    Installed Fog onto our server(same server/hardware no changes)(Dell Poweredge R710)
    used fogprep/fogcrypt/fogservice on the image just downloaded from clonezilla
    uploaded the image to fogserver
    downloaded right back to same host pc to test the image/server(Dell optiplex 9010)
    took screenshot after about the 3rd time downloading to same pc for testing/debug of server.
    All speeds were the same 3-4GB/min

    I have the Pigz set to 6 right now. Im not worried about space as we have 4TB in the server and are adding another 16TB.
    would it hurt to turn Pigz to 0 if I dont need all the compression?

  • Is it the same exact physical machine in both images? Manufactures sometimes switch out hdd’s among the same models of machines and that will result in different speeds.

    Otherwise if you uploaded from both fog and clonezilla, FOG uses more compression than Clonezilla which results in a slower download speed, but less disk space taken up on your server.

  • Developer

    what do you mean by “same image”
    are you literally using the same file?