Image Size ON CLIENT: No Size Available

  • Hi Guys,

    I don’t quite know what happened. This image worked perfectly yesterday as I deployed it to a set of new computer.

    Today when I go to deploy it to the last of the group, the image record now says “Image Size ON CLIENT: No Size Available”

    Any help to resolve this so I don’t have to rebuild this image would be great.

    Thanks in advance

  • Now the million dollar question Junkhacker, is it worth setting up a GParted iso to boot into so that I can format drives automatically.

    Or just keep a cd for it… 😛

  • wait, never mind

    Unformatted drives, completely forgot.

  • I have, and each time I try to image this new machine, using this image, the system simply reboots.

  • Developer

    while it is a useful bit of information, image size on client doesn’t need to have a value. have you tried using it?