Slowness in gui after 20 minutes

  • I’ve noticed in Fog 1.2.0 svn 2094 (and previous versions) that after around 20 minutes, my Gui is getting really sluggish and slow
    I"m running it on Ubuntu 12.04 desktop, physical on a Dell Optiplex 620 with 3gb ram, 1gb network.

  • There are two web options I could see that may slow down the UI if one you have a large host database or limited ram.

    Also if you upgrade from .32 it would work better if you wipe your mySQL database out

  • no. No proxy.
    I’ve reverted back to .32
    In 120 svn 2097 I’ve had problems with the printer manager and slowness.

    I’m singing and dancing with .32 minus a few hostname change quibbles.

  • Senior Developer

    Are you running through a proxy?

  • btw it’s sooner than 20 minutes.
    When I first boot the gui is snappy, after about 4 - 5 minutes, jumping from printers to hosts to groups takes 10 seconds
    searching a host takes ten secons
    My SQL database is around 80megs

  • [CODE]; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (128MB)
    memory_limit = 128M[/CODE]

  • Senior Developer

    I guess I’m not fully understanding what the problem is.

    What’s your php.ini memory limit set to?

  • I disagree, it worked great in fog .32
    Even in VM ESXi with SSD and 4gb or ram, 4 processors devoted. I get the same behavior

  • Developer

    "Dell Optiplex 620"
    i’m guessing that’s your problem right there. also, if you’re doing any imaging, the hard drive will be running like mad in a desktop computer with traditional hard drive, and you can expect sluggish behaviour

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