TFTP dont accept get from other hosts

  • [I][SIZE=12px]Hello[/SIZE][/I]

    [I][SIZE=12px]i’m trying to make the install but i’m having a lot of troble with the tftp, if i’m in the fog server i can test the transference successful with this command:[/SIZE][/I]
    [I][SIZE=12px]tftp -v -c get undionly.kpxe[/SIZE][/I]

    [I][SIZE=12px]but when i try to do the same from a host i get a time out i already tried two tftp clients for windows and get time out from both, i can connect to the fog and ping it but not use tftp.[/SIZE][/I]

    [I][SIZE=12px]I already tried to disable ufw and i get the same error.[/SIZE][/I]

    [I][SIZE=12px]I’m using Ubuntu server 10.04.4[/SIZE][/I]

  • Developer

    Thanks for letting us know how to solve it!

  • I found the problem in the mikrotik you cant use the options 66 and 67 there are specific filds to configure this options in the setings DHCP > Network, i will upload more datails soon and an image.

  • I tried with the ip and get the same error.

    When i disabled the windows firewall it works very well with ip or dns, i didnt’t think this because i’m geting errors with pxe.

    There are just switches between them, but i tried behind a router and it worked too with the firewall disabled.

    my dhcp is served by a mikrotik the configuration ar the folowing:

    name Code value
    boot-file 67 undionly.kpxe
    next-server 66 fogserver

    i configurate the next-server parameter too

    In the pxe boot i get this error:


  • Developer

    Try using the ip address instead of the, what happens?

    just a heads up in windows you will want to use the following command
    tftp x.x.x.x get undionly.kpxe[/code]

    the -v and -c should not be required.

    Have you also disabled the windows firewall?

    What serves your DHCP?

    what kind of network equipment exists between FOG and the windows machines?

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