FOG 1.2.0 install instructions ?

  • I used the “upgrade to fog 1.0.0” on the wiki. However once I fixed the Sql error and it worked, it reads Fog 2178 and not 1.2.0. The web gui under help says I am not running the current version. I am just wondering if the fog 1.2.0 is somewhere else besides
    [][FONT=monospace]svn co [url][/url] /opt/fog_1.2.0[/FONT]
    or tarball
    ][FONT=monospace]wget [url][/url][/FONT]
    [*][FONT=monospace]Found the error…remember kids to put tags/1.2.0 and not the original 1.0.0…oops[/FONT]

  • Developer

    The SVN is bleeding edge, it is not recommended for production environments as we are actively working on bugs and fixes.

    It will ALWAYS appear as the “not the current version” in the GUI because you are on a subversion that does not match the current SUPPORTED version. This won’t cause problems and is merely cosmetic, however it is the test bed where we actively work to find solutions to issues user post. It is not WRONG to use the SVN, but if you plan for a production environment, it would probably be better to at least start with the supported version and if you have issues we will tell you to install the latest release in the SVN.

    The sourceforge link is the current supported version.