• After imaging a laptop, the laptop gets renamed to the device-id within FOG (perfect time saver here) and also attempts to join our AD domain.

    We don’t have any AD credentials stored in the fog settings, and our images are of machines that aren’t connected to AD. (just prepared and ready to go “standard” laptop images)

    So where is fog getting the credentials to attempt to join AD? (it adds the domain name, but doesn’t complete the registration within AD, [U]can’t sign in as a domain user[/U])

    If we wanted this feature I know where to enable it and add the details, but have concerns that the account passwords are view-able in plain text when (clicking the eye lid in any such password field).

    Does anyone else use FOG to join their freshly imaged machines to their ADDomain?

    Do you have a separate account just for FOG so you can join these computers to your domain?

    Is it possible to turn off the AD join portion and leave the computer renaming portion of FOG imaging active?

  • Developer

    if you have it enabled or disabled is up to you

  • Thank you very much for clarifying that.

    I was very concerned about the general security of that password field…

    I will be testing today if not tomorrow for the full AD join.

    “hostname early change” is already active though… maybe it needs to be disabled?

  • Developer

    the computer will rename without the domain join feature if you have “hostname change early” enabled, which i think is the default
    the AD password is not stored in plain text. to set the AD credentials, you must use FOGCrypt to encrypt the password. it is this encrypted password that is stored in that field.