Getting an operation not supported error.

  • We have been trying to get Fog working on our network for a good bit of a month will some luck. We have fog installed on Ubuntu 12.04 on a VM. We have to set up Fog with as a ProxyDHCP. here is the conf file: error.

    We have tried every ipxe boot file we can found on the forums and on the site with the same error.

    Any ideas? Thanks for any help anybody gives.

  • Tom - I have not tried that conf and will give it a try next time we have “down time” at work. Thank you for some input.

    Cadyfish - if this is what is in the wiki, we have tried that. Very time we restart dnsmasq with that other config, it crashes dnsmasq. The system logs really does not give me any input as to why (I could be looking at the wrong logs). That being said, I will also try this just in case I did miss something. THANKS!

  • It looks like you might have missed a couple of things when you changed it to work with 1+ from .32


    [U][B]Add the server IP address[/B][/U]
    dhcp-boot=undionly.kpxe,{server IP}

    [U][B]Comment out the following lines[/B][/U]
    #pxe-service=X86PC, “Boot from local hard disk”, 0

    [U][B]Save your file and restart your dnsmasq service with the following command:[/B][/U]
    sudo service dnsmasq restart

    [U][B]Make a symlink for the undionly.kpxe file so dnsmasq can find it.[/B][/U]
    cd /tftpboot
    sudo ln -s undionly.kpxe undionly.0

  • Senior Developer

    Have you tried the ltsp.conf file configuration found in src/ipxe/src?

    While I realize this isn’t exactly intuitive, maybe try that configuration, changing of course the relevant areas of IP for your environment.

    The file I’m specifying hasn’t been tested by me, but was created when we initially implemented ipxe as our “goto” for FOG NBP.

    This was the working configuration, where the only major needed change was to link undionly.kpxe with undionly.0

  • Anyone have another ideas for me to try?

  • the line that sets dhcp-range is the fog server IP. I forgot were I found that information, but it worked when we were testing Fog .32. HOWEVER! It will not shock me if that is not the case.

    The client computers will find the Fog server and load from the TFTP server (as far as I can tell).

  • Senior Developer

    The dhcp-range line is also the ip of the fog server?

  • Developer

    well, i’ve never used ProxyDHCP, but i don’t see anywhere in the config that the ip of the tftp server is being specified

  • We also tried that, however, every time we change the boot filename to ```

  • Developer

    i think you’re missing some info on this line

    The boot filename.

    the fog wiki on ProxyDHCP has a config that looks like this

    The boot filename, Server name, Server Ip Address


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