Lenovo T440 image Hard drive resized after upload

  • Prepped a T440 image master device
    Uploaded the image successfully
    Booted the master device that the uploaded image was pulled form, disk size has been reduced to image size.

    Diskpart.exe will not resize it, Disk management will not resize it, I’m not sure where to turn with this one, this is totally new, I’ve never had this problem before. Our school is 100% Lenovo so I’ve seen plenty of other issues with MBR’s that were screwy but this one is driving me nutty.

  • Ah, didn’t realize there was an update. I’ll give that a try. We have 3 new models of laptops and tablets and this is the only one that gave us trouble that’s what’s so strange. Even our older models worked like a charm all the way back to v.32.

    I’ll update more when I update.

  • Can you update to 1.2.0 and retry the download task?

  • Sorry, here’s the basics

    FOG 1.1.2
    OS Windows 7
    Image Type Single Partition, resizable
    Lenovo T440 laptop

    This is a from scratch build, deleted all partitions, reformatted drive, installed windows on a single partition and went to upload.

    Upload was successful and machine still boots, just now stuck with a 35 gig hard drive instead of 500 with no way to resize it lol.

  • Developer

    fog version, OS, Image type ?