TFTP fails after upgrade to 1.2

  • This is weird.

    I just updated to 1.2 (I was on vacation when the new release came out), and my TFTP is now failing during the PXE boot.

    I tried to contact my FOG server via the TFTP client in Windows (CLI), but the connection fails.

    I am using the same FOG server and client machine that, earlier today, were playing nicely together; now, post updating, TFTP fails.

  • I had the same issues the fix for me was using terminal to restart mysql server as well as the tftp server than it was all back to normal not sure if this is gonna happen everytime I reboot the server or not.

  • Never mind: I just trashed everything and started from scratch, and it’s working now.

  • After the second FOG server reboot, the GUI does not ask for a schema update, but the TFTP timeout is still occurring.

  • So, after the FOG server reboot, I have also noticed that the FOG server is generating a schema update screen. When I try the schema update, it generates errors. So, I checked in /opt/fog/.fogsettings, and my username and host information was all erased. I reinserted “localhost” and “root”, and maybe that will help after another reboot.

  • After a reboot, I tried on a different known working machine (as of this morning (before the update)) and the TFTP request during PXE boot times out.

    My FOG server is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS,

  • I’ll try a reboot.

  • I did have some chainloading going on with my old version of FOG; could that have been undone? I noticed a new directory on the root called TFTPBOOT.previous, alongside a TFTPBOOT directory, which I’m assuming is the new one. I tried renaming the new TFTPBOOT to TFTPBOOT.NEW and the TFTPBOOT.previous to TFTPBOOT, but that didn’t seem to help.