Cloning FOG servers

  • I’d like to clone a FOG server (without images in it) and deploy it just like I do a Windows image. I have probably 10-15 FOG servers, almost all Ubuntu 10.04 and FOG 0.29 throughout various remote locations and building new ones from scratch every time seems silly considering this is an awesome cloning solution. I have a bunch of identical retired Dell 755 desktops with big hard drives so hardware differences wouldn’t be an issue. I know I’d have to make some minor config changes with IP’s, etc but I can’t find anywhere that this is discussed. How to do this? Thanks in advance and I apologize if I’ve missed something simple. I did notice the Linux image type, maybe that’s my answer?

  • Developer

    you may want to look into the location plugin for your situation

  • Guess I could be more familiar with the product. We’re no experts but we can create a FOG server that works so we’ve just gone with what was simple and worked up to now, avoiding cross-subnet and WAN traffic at all costs. Would storage nodes really help in this situation since we don’t have a need to replicate anything to the master node or to any other node? Every location is a school with widely varying image requirements. I’d say between ALL our locations we probably have 40-50 different images, too much for any one repository.

  • Hi,

    on the destination machine just delete fogsettings file an rerun setup,
    i recommend to make an image without fog allready installed just a clean ubuntu then you install fog on it.

    A storage node (S) just need fog master ip and sql password.

    Regards X23

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